Ansys Employee
Hello ,nThere are two ways to analyze the on-off times of a 3-way valve:n Create a system model with the available modelica/modelon libraries in twin builder. This system would be 1D representation of the valve. Depending on the architecture of the valve you can couple the system model with a controller, hydraulic system if required. This method can help analyze the on-off times under different system conditions.nWith this method the valve and rest of the system is modeled based on the spec sheet datan Another approach would be like approach 1, only with a reduced order model of the 3-way valve instead of 1D model.ntReduced order model generation: n Use 3D simulation data of the valve to generate different training scenariosn Use the twin builder?s ROM builder tools (Static or Dynamic depending on the boundary conditions) to generate a ROM out of the training scenariosnnThank you,nDheerajn