Hi KAi,nThanks for your reply.nThe model is not a symmetric model , it cannot be also used for cyclic symmetry because the two boundary like high and the low have different faces, vertex and lines . i mean the number of lines and vertex are different from each side. so a cyclic symmetry cannot be used ( I assume in that way . plz comment whether it is right or wrong) .nHowever, I have used frictionless support on both sides and got the result. nThe result is the hertzian contact stresses at the contacts . nI am not sure with other things like I am using a multilayer material nHow to use for the nonlineariltynI have used frictional contact and check with the contact tool whether the contacts are closed or not. nI have left the solver type to ├╝rogram controlled and have turned off the large deflections and used the newton raphson to fullnI have a material non linearity and what factors should i consider for nonlinear solution.nI am attaching the details of the contacts and analysis settings. please review and guide me.nnRegards,nSuryan