Ansys Employee
, nFYI : Please embed the images into the post rather than using attachments. nThe way you simulated the CPW seems fine. nThe appearance of the field distribution depends on the meshing quality of the model. You can just try plotting the mesh and see how it is distributed along the trace. If the simulation is converged on a particular delta S then that much of mesh might be necessary to pull the required model information.nBut if you are more concerned on the symmetry of the Fields and its appearance, I would suggest to give smaller delta S and see the distribution at a particular plane. nFor example, in your case plot the 'ComplexMag_H' at a certain plane, after opting for a smaller delta S.nnAnd about the field strength, you can't increase the value of the signal strength unless the model is giving that!nIf you need to adjust the scale of the field strength, that is possible (You might be aware of that as well)nnHope this addressed your concern!nnBest Regards,n