Hi Aniket,nnThank you sop much for your response.nI'm actually not able to open the ANSYS help links you provided in your comment, since I cannot login into the ANSYS Help website as a student user. I tried to follow the steps mentined in the How to access Ansys help links, but when I open Ansys Workbench help, it does not open in a browser, and it opens in a window titled as Ansys help viewer, and there is no address bar in it where I can paste the address to the Ansys help link you provided. I tried Tools->Go To Page, and pasted the link address in the Enter Page Location field, but when I pressed OK, I get an error Cannot find this page location in the documentatio.nPlease advise me on how to access the help links you shared, or please explain how I should get the acoustic module working for version 2020 R2.nnThanks,nParinaz