Yes, it's defined in correct direction. nI'm specifying the whole problem definition as follows since as you told me staff are not permitted to open or download the attachments. nDefinition:nWe are trying to estimate the effect of rain on aerodynamic performance of Ahmed body. Flow around the Ahmed body is a well-known benchmark test cases used by the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) community for model validations for automobile. nWe have setup everything in ANSYS Fluent and all the setup that we specified are as follows.n Step 1: Mesh Setup nYou can see the mesh of the model and domain which contains 7.6 million elements in the picture.nStep 2: DPM Setupn               Following is the setup that we used to inject water particle from inlet and top surface.nnnProblem:nThe mass flow rate for DPM at the inlet and top surfaces were specified based on the rain intensity of 19 g/m^3. We expected to see a uniform rain intensity of 19 g/m^3 in the computation domain away from the body. However, the results showed the particle mass concentration is almost zero in front of the body (see the figure below). Any idea why it’s not showing patches with zero rain intensity? The patch with zero rain intensity at the back is reasonable, based on the flow characteristics. However, there should not be any patch with zero rain in the front and top.nThank you for your help!n