n1) You only put the .wbpj file in your Google drive. That is useless without the _files folder of the same name. Open the project in Workbench and use the File, Archive menu selections to create a .wbpz file. That puts both of those into a single file. If you put your .wbpz file in a .zip file, you can use the attach button and attach it to your reply.n2) Which version of 2020 are you using, R1 or R2?n3) Which Forum post were you reading? Copy the URL link and paste that in your reply.n4) Which website was selling a solved example? Copy the URL link and paste that in your reply.n5) The FLUID80 element is not in the element library for ANSYS2020. Look at the FLUID220 and 221 elements instead.n6) You don't need any extensions to solve a modal acoustics problem in ANSYS2020n