Array I have an asymmetric half bridge converter circuit PCB which I need to do DC-IR analysis on. The power supply is external to the board (300 V). The board has mainly IGBTs and diodes for the power circuit, and Diode snubbers and switch snubbers which seem to be the relatively large power consuming parts.nIn this case, should I be assigning the pin header / board connector through which power supply is coming as a voltage source of 300 V? nHow do I assign current sinks in this case? There are some current sensor ICs, but they consume negligible power I think compared to snubbers.nAlso, in this board (2 layer) there is no GND plane at all, it is all routed. And my initial (though wrong) DC-IR analysis looks largely mesh-less, like the bottom left corner of the PCB I posted in this thread earlier. It's going to be like that for J and I in DC-IR but what about Power P?.Array Array Array Array n