As i mentioned above. I select and name some surfaces to make smaller mesh on it. DM is better for it than Mechanical due to the transperante feature of selecting surface. Also, DM is better for making some changes in a model due to the useful plane tool. nSC doesn't have any similar tools. Usauly i get a model made by in another CAD programme and i need make it simplier to build a mesh. For such issueses i use SC. It is magic programme for filling holes and repairing issueses are showen in Mechanical mesh. nBut sometimes i have mesh errors are shown in mechanical due to geometry. Then i open a model in SC and use check mistakes tool, repaire tool to improve a model. But infortunately sometimes i get no mistakes on this exactly serface or edge. So i can not do anything by built in tools. nSo, it would be great to update existing toolls in SC so that it could be possible to identify and improve such mistakes automaticaly.nnn