nThank you so much for taking the time to build this model in 2020 R2. I have been working in 2020 R1, and don't expect any difference between these two versions.nI just setup my model to exactly replicate your conditions, where all DOF on the Remote Displacement are Free except for the 1800 deg of rotation about Z. I will let that run overnight and report back tomorrow. I also set the erosion control to the default value of 1.5. However, this model is a subset of a model in order to do troubleshooting on this part. Your test, even if it does behave, is not useful in the full model. The full model needs support (and rotation input) on the central hole so that large forces from a tool tip can be applied to the outer edge to simulate cutting.nIf you run your model with all DOF set to 0 (instead of Free) on the Remote Displacement, except for the 1800 deg rotation about Z, does it still solve? That would be useful to know as it would replicate the model I showed above.nYes, I could replace the remote displacement (behavior=Rigid) with a Revolute Joint and Joint Load. I haven't tried that yet, I may try that tomorrow. I wonder if the underlying APDL elements would be different than those generated by the Remote Displacement.n