nI ran my geometry using the same configuration on the Remote Displacement where five DOF are set to Free, with Rotation Z set to 1800 degrees and there is only an Initial Angular Velocity. The mesh is getting wound up. nPlotting the Energy Probe, the Hourglass energy is growing to a large value, pulling down the Kinetic energy, which should remain constant. What is going on here?n=============================================================================nI have another model with a Revolute Joint to Ground scoped rigidly to the ID of the hole, with a Joint Load of Rotational Velocity of 36.7 rad/s and an Initial Condition of Angular Velocity on the body of 36.7 rad/s. I expect to see an almost strain-free rotation of the mesh, instead I see the same problem that happened with the Remote Displacement.nPlease see if you can replicate this result using 2020 R1.n