Hi,nI have a very similar problem (Ansys 2020 r2, student license). I tried uninstalling and reinstalling with admin permissions. I also checked the environment variables:nAlso: %awp_root202%\..\Shared Files\Licensing\winx64\ansysli_util -checkout ANS_DM in command prompt returned:n2020/11/25 16:48:37   INFO               Demo license file C:\Program Files\ANSYS Inc\ANSYS Student\Shared Files\Licensing\student.lic exists.nANS_DM OUT id=DESKTOP-HFA3JNM-DIEE-11288-009694 shared_info=DESKTOP-HFA3JNM-DIEE-11288-013262 is_sharable=yes server=50650@ is_academic=yes has_academic_logo=yes max_h_elem=0 max_nodes=0 max_struct_nodes=0 max_faces=0 max_bodies=0 max_species=0 min_cell_size=0 max_depth=0n       Resolved by Feature: id=183 feature=aa_t_i product=ANSYS Academic Teaching IntroductorynnI managed to run the workbench and the APDL launcher from command prompt, after this command and moving appdata\ansys folder: nmove %appdata%\ansys %appdata%\ansys.oldnHowever, I have not managed yet to definitely fix this problem and avoid launching the app through the command prompt. nIf I launch the app normally, this is the error:n
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