Mike Rife
Ansys Employee
Hi. Element type Solid168 is an explicit solid element: this was used back when Mechanical APDL could act as a pre/post processor for LSTC LS-Dyna. So not the element type you are looking for.nThis type of model is best done in Mechanical APDL. Please see the following help section:nAnsys 2020R2 Help -> Mechanical APDL -> Coupled Field Analysis Guide -> Chapter 2 Direct Coupled Field Analysis -> Chapter 2.4 Electrostatic Structural Analysis. There are a few example of that type of electroactive polymer. See examples 2.4.3 and 2.4.6 especially. The first simplifies the polymer to a linear elastic material (i.e. Young's modulus and Poissons ratio) while the other uses a Yeoh hyperelastic material to model the polymer (and there is a reference paper the example is based on). Example 2.4.4. is close to what you are looking to do; it's the same physics but for a cantilever beam.nThe examples have the full APDL command listing needed to run the models in MAPDL. Normally I'd suggest maybe using WB Mechanical to create the FEM, then port it over to MAPDL to set up the model for solving as Mechanical does not yet support this type of coupled analyses (it's coming). However the part you show is fairly simple - just a disk correct? - and should be straight forward to model and mesh directly in MAPDL. Hopefully your advisor knows APDL and can help.nMiken