Array, does rotational DOFs mean that the nodes can rotate about its center? Or does it mean they can rotate about any other axis or point?nWhy do the nodes on solid (rather it be on the surface of it or inside) have only 3 DOFs while the shell elements have 6 DOFs? Whats the difference between these two?nThere is no rotational DOF on a node connected to a solid element, you mentioned this. What does this mean? Does this mean that the solid element nodes cannot rotate at all? About which axis or location?nIf you selected one straight edge on a solid body and applied Fixed Support, a Statics solution would fail, because there are no rotational DOF on the solid elements and holding just one straight edge creates a mechanism I would call a hinge, and that has no static solution, Well, if the force is passing in such a manner that there is no net moment about the fixed support edge, then there is a rigid body motion right? Otherwise even if it is hinge, and no moment is occuring, then there will exist a static solution. Am I correct Sir?.n