Array, what does rotational DOFs mean? Does it mean that the node can rotate about its center (which requires no translation) or does it mean the node can rotate about any other point or axis (which actually requires a translational motion of the node).nWhy does the nodes of a solid element have only 3 DOFs while shell elements have 6 DOFs? What does this mean? DOF is an acronym for Degree Of Freedom, so if the rotational DOFs for a solid element are not there, then this means that the nodes of solid element cannot rotate at all? Am I correct? Or does it mean that the nodes of solid element are able to rotate but cannot prevent their rotations by any means (even if fixed support is applied to them)?nIf you selected one straight edge on a solid body and applied Fixed Support, a Statics solution would fail, because there are no rotational DOF on the solid elements and holding just one straight edge creates a mechanism I would call a hinge, and that has no static solution, WELL, only if the there is a moment creation about the fixed support line right? I mean if there is no moment creation by the applied force about the fixed support line then I think the static solution should work.