Ansys Employee
Take a step back from the simulation. If you consider the physical reactor, what is going on? Is the flow steady, or do you see/expect the flow field to change with time once the system is at equilibrium? nSimulation is a tool we use to explain flow/structures/electrons/heat etc however before we start working on a model we need to have a rough idea of what's going on in the device. Understanding that is why we do a degree in engineering, and then continue to learn after University. nis right when he says we can trust results with low UR after ALOT of iterations. What he didn't add is that you also need to understand WHY using a low UR can be OK, and that at times it's not. Ie why does a low UR help in this case, what flow feature are you trying to avoid, and how is this linked to using a turbulence model (there is a correlation/link)? We both know the answer, you're on the path to understanding why. n