Ansys Employee
1/I have supervised solid suspensions and sedimentation works in closed vessel. Even with steady state solver. At certain loading transient solver is necessary.n2/I will prefer using Euler Granular Model here. Some tuning might be required to have particles settling down and not moving anymore. At certain stage a packed bed approach needs to be usedn3/DDPM with DEM might be expensive but serves the same purpose.n4/If the particles are of small sizes why not using a completely different apporach: UDS. We used that to model sedimentation processes in clarifier. At that small scale some other forces rather than drag become prominent.nhttps://www.iwar.tu-darmstadt.de/media/iwar_wasserversorgung/mitarbeiter_6/brenda/Brenda_Presentation_Flocculation_Plant_Lamellas.pdfn