Dear Aniket,nThanks a lot for your answer. Let me share my comments for your options.nYour Option 1 - After your suggestion, I tried the new shared topology method in the workbench tab and it reduced my time from 20 Mins to 10 Mins which is great. However do you know how to do this through Spaceclaim scripting? For example, I was using the below command to change the topology to share under part.nGetRootPart().ShareTopology=ShareTopology.Share nAlso, it would be great for me to reduce the time further. Right now, my CAD generation is taking only 5 Secs (eventhough it is not very simple geometry) but sharing the topology and transferring it to Mechanical takes 10 Mins which is heart breaking. Hence any suggestion to reduce the time further is welcome. nYour Option 2 - I wanted to try this method as well but I am a bit skeptical about the results. Do you know how big the difference could between both the models? Right now I am using all Elastic material models but later I might have to use some visco elastic materials as well. If you have any reference that explains the difference in results between a contact based model and a common node model.nYour Option 3 - I have already tried this but now that the first option is taking only 10 Mins thats better for me compared to this.n