nIn ANSYS Mechanical, in a Static Structural analysis, you would apply a displacement at the two loading points of 64 mm in one step.nIt would be ideal if you can get the stress-strain curve for ASTM A992. You know Yield is at 345 MPa, and Ultimate is at 450 MPa, but what is the strain at 450 MPa? If you knew that, you could construct a simple Plasticity material model using Bilinear Isotropic Hardening. This plasticity model needs only two inputs: the yield strength and the tangent modulus. The tangent modulus is the slope of the line after 345 MPa. You can use 0 as the tangent modulus if you can't find a stress-strain curve. That will underpredict the reaction force.nWith that setup, you can plot the reaction force vs vertical displacement of points on the beam as shown up to the unloading point.nUnder Analysis settings, you must turn on Large Deflection.nYou should also turn on Auto Time Stepping and set the Initial and Minimum Substeps to 100.nFor a first model, in CAD, either DesignModeler or SpaceClaim, you should create a Midsurface on the solid model of the W16x26 beam. The resulting surface will be meshed with shell elements.nHow is the beam supported at the two ends?n