nGoogle Translates from Russian to EnglishnAt the same time, I cannot set these data as they need to be set in Pa (kN / m2). How can such values be set in Ansys WB or do they need to be converted?nYes, you have to convert it to Pa. Once you do that, take a look at an Orthotropic Elasticity material model.nYou would assign the warp direction to one axis, say the X-axis, and the fill direction to another direction, say the Y-axis.nYou will have to decide on a stiffness in the Z direction. I think Poisson's ratio goes into the XZ and YZ cells for the Warp and Fill directions. You will have to decide on an XY Poisson's Ratio.nYou also have to make up values for Shear Modulus and you will find there are equations that limit acceptable values.nI offer this as something for you to investigate. I haven't done any research into how to make a fabric material model. Perhaps someone else will offer a suggestion.n