nIs the goal to compute the stress in the rocker arm? nIt looks like it pivots about the cylindrical hole B, where you could use a Compression Only support instead of a Cylindrical Support. The advantage of a Compression Only support over a Cylindrical Support is to avoid any non-physical tensions from acting on the cylindrical surface.nIf you only have Compression only or Cylindrical Supports, there is nothing to prevent axial motion, so you need a constraint in the axial direction to get it to solve.nThe problem is you have springs that are probably scoped to the entire cylindrical face. That means the spring will both pull on one side of the cylinder and push on the other. But the true physical part is that there is a pin that can only push on the side of the cylindrical hole.nTo get the most accurate stress in the part, you can add the pin and the link that holds the pin into the model. However, you can get a good approximation just using the springs.n