Keyur Kanade
Ansys Employee
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I am using ANSYS on the server and accessing it through tiger VNC using mobaxterm. I am really trying hard to upload a CAD model on fluent meshing. The screen shows it is busy uploading and it shows the same for hours (even two days and when tried closing, it shows interrupting but never closes). Also, when I open fluent meshing, below warning appears  "Software rasterizer found, hardware acceleration will be disabled.In the absence of hardware-accelerated drivers, the performance of all graphics operations will be severely affected. Make sure you have a supported graphics card, latest graphics driver, and a supported remote visualization tool with direct server-side rendering enabled. If you feel your system meets these requirements, try forcing the accelerated driver by using the command line flag (-driver ) or setting the HOOPS_PICTURE environment variable. Refer to the documentation for more details"Even when working with a fluent module on ANSYS workbench, while opening the geometry or mesh editor, it says "Unable to open geometry editor" or "Unable to open mesh editor" and it fails to mesh. Recently, I received a new laptop, with graphics card and ram configuration adequate to open ANSYS 2020 R2. So, I don't think the issue is with my laptop.