Rahul Kumbhar
Ansys Employee
In SMP runs (normal mode), when we have analysis for several load cases, it is possible to copy the rst/rth at any point of time and post-process the results. For this, you can launch a 2nd MAPDL session and post-process from rth/rst file that is being currently solved in another process.nWhile using DMP runs, we can combine the rst/rth files at anytime and process the result. For this, you need to copy all the split files into one location and issue the COMBINE command. You can get more info about COMBINE command on ANSYS/Help.nIn both cases, once the rst/rth file is available, you can issue following commands,n/POST1nINRES,ALLnFILE,'ABC','rst','.' !!where ABC is name of RST file.nSET,LASTnAfter that you can post process the required results.n