Rahul Kumbhar
Ansys Employee
One will need to model MPC184 (joint) element - specifically, General Joint (MPC184 with KEYOPT(1)=16).nThe General Joint (MPC184 with KEYOPT(1)=16) has many features, but if you just use linear stiffness, this basically acts like a 6 DOF spring element, it's easier than defining 6 COMBIN14 1D springs at the same two nodes.nJoints (MPC184) have many types of behavior (just like Abaqus Connector elements, which also have different types of behavior). However, by just using the linear stiffness, one is essentially defining a 6 DOF 'spring'. Thus, while we don't call the MPC184 element a 'spring', spring-like behavior is a subset of its capabilities.n