Solid65 are legacy elements that are not recommended anymore since they are mesh sensitive and thus can give different results depending on the mesh density.We have a great workflow in the 2020 R2 and using our inbuilt reinforcements (see how you define/set reinforcements in the image below) and the Menetrey-Willam (MW) material model that behaves well for many different types of concrete failure modes. Also stay with MW for now and forget for the time the solid65 and smeared model - the MW should be good for many type of failures in concrete (flexure, shear, tensile,..) and it is easy to get parameters for. youErik Kostson

Hi, nI am new to modeling reinforced structure using Ansys. A projecti I am working on involves a rebar-reinforced FRP structure. I've learnt from an YouTube tutorial on RC to create line bodies using DesignModeler but I am stuck with static structural model setup now. nFor some reason, I cannot see the option of Reinforcement for Model Type, is Link/Truss the same idea? nThanks!!!n