Following is a setup from my simulation I am trying to simulate condensation of air and water vapor condensation in following domaiFor this I created a mixture of vapor/air using species mixture, created a seperate liquid phase, used mixture homogeneous model (water vapor,air) with Lee condensation model . The oprating pressure is 12500Pa.At this pressure, sat temperature is 50C-55C. So condensation should happen in the model . However in the following results even after running for 1200 iterations, I still dont see major changes in volume fractions of vapor/air and liquid. However I do see mass transfer contoursnnMass transfer rate contoursnn nnnVolume fraction contoursnnnI know that I havent accounted for wall condensation in the model but even in the bulk i cant observe any condensation happening. Also the volume fraction contours dont even change even though I ran the simulation for 12000 iterations. Time step size is 0.0005nn