nThere is a potential mistake when using an Orthotropic material with shell elements that the element coordinate system doesn't align with the Global coordinate system. See this discussion. your case it happens to have worked out that the element coordinate system aligned with the global coordinate system, but you can't count on that. nI didn't like the values you had for Shear Modulus.nI came up with values that were consistent with the isotropic relationship.nThe sheet is 200 mm long x 50 mm wide x 1 mm thick. I see that the solution fails to converge after stretching it about 2.4 mm along the length. The reason is that the sheet will buckle, which means the structure will suddenly change its deformation from just being stretched to going sideways in some manner.nANSYS has an Eigenvalue Buckling Analysis. If you setup the Static Analysis to pull just 1 mm, where it has no problem converging, then run the Eigenvalue Buckling analysis after that, it will calculate that the critical load factor is 2.8 or 2.8 mm since the applied load was 1 mm.nIt is possible, but very challenging, to simulate the post-buckling behavior of a structure.nWhat is the goal of this analysis? Is 2 mm of stretch (1% strain) sufficient? Why do you need to stretch it to 5 mm? Is the post-buckled state important to see?nAttached is an ANSYS 19.0nn