Hello, In the reaction fraction tab, you input the inlet gas compositions. Not sure what you mean by initial fraction. Can you please elaborate more on your question? For an example, please refer to the tutorial :

When using a PSR reactor, there is a field for inputting the initial gas fraction in the 'C1_Plasma PSR' section, and the section for entering the Reactant fraction in the 'C1_Inlet1' section.n I think that the initial gas fraction represents the composition of the reactor before adding the inlet gas. And I think the reactant fraction represents the inlet gas composition. I want a plasma reaction, and I think I put the state before plasmaization into 'C1_Inlet1'. Is that right?. Or, is it entering the state before the incoming gas becomes plasma in the initial gas fraction? In other words, are you entering the equilibrium value of the inlet gas?.nAnd i have posted a new question on this. Please check the internet address below. And I need an answer to that.n I asked one more question, but because there wasn't an answer for a long time, I asked again. I didn't know how to write the answer, so I chose the quote button. Sorry. If it's okay, can you tell me where the button to ask again is? Thanks.n