ArraynDon't let different remote points share nodes.nFor example, if you have two adjacent faces, each with their own remote point, the common edge ends up having nodes shared by multiple remote points. This is not a problem for the Implicit solvers, but is for the Explicit solver.nThe corrective action is to split the faces so that the two faces used by the two remote points do not share an edge or even a single vertex.nNote that Mechanical does many things for you that create remote points under the hood like a Remote Displacement or Remote Force. You don't need to see the Remote Point, but you can if you want by right clicking and selecting Promote to Remote Point. nAnother way to get this error is if you apply two Remote Forces on the same face. The wrong way to do that is to choose the face in each Remote Force. The correct way to do that is to make the first Remote Force, then Promote to Remote Point. Now you can apply a second Remote Force but change the selection from Geometry to Remote Points.n