Yu Bi
Ansys Employee
Hi, regarding the first error message element number X is less than the minimum of 0.10 * facet radius from its neighbor, it is due to the Aqwa Mesh Quality Check. You can find more information about it in the Aqwa Theory Manual Section 4.1.4. You can adjust the mesh size or turn on Ignore Modelling Rule Violations option in the Details Panel of the Analysis Settings of Hydrodynamic Diffraction.nRegarding the illegal connectivity error, it might be caused by the intersecting surfaces in the geometry or improper mesh in some narrow area. The suggestion I would give you is first making sure that there is no intersecting surface in your geometry and second using the Ansys independent mesh tool to do the mesh instead of using the Aqwa internal mesh tool. Also, please make sure your geometry has been split exactly by the waterplane.nHope this helps.n