Ansys Employee
Kieran,nCan you please try deleting your C:\Users\USERNAME\.cfx directory to see if that helps?nA common error exists where CFD-Post fails during launch, and states that the following files are missing:nlibCUEGuiViewer.dll, libCUEMonitorData.dll, libCUEGuiApplication.dll, and libCUEGuiUtilities.dll.nThis problem is mostly likely caused by a corruption of one or more files in the .cfx folder containing CFXnpreferences. Since this folder regenerates, the issue can be solved by deleting the folder.nnIf that doesn't help, check below.nThe problem can be caused by something either in the directory to which CFX writes the files, or where itnwrites its temporary files. The software does not like special characters in the directory path like dashes,ncommas and occasionally spaces. If the current working directory has any of those characters, pleasenchange it. nnThanksnMattn