The wall clock time should be consistent with the "real" time elapsed to run the requested 5000 iterations. You can quantify it in an another way say manually:1/read your case file file2/In Fluent Console type (define t0) then (define t1)3/in Fluent Console type (set! t0 (time))4/Iterate for 5005/(set! t1 (time))6/(display (- t1 t0))

Hi @DrAmine, , thank you for the explanation. nThe method you mentioned works. But then again, my question was for simulations during night time, is there a way that I can script this into the simulation when I leave them running during the night? Now I do understand what it's meant by Wall Clock Time. Since from here on, I will be autosaving data and generating contours as the simulation progresses Wall Clock Time may not be an accurate representation of time in my case and I may need to use the method you suggested. Thank you.n