Matt, thanks so much for the help! I've got a couple of follow up questions:Q1:So when you say additional HPC licenses, are you simply referring to additional ANSYS licenses that would be utilized by the HPC cluster? You are not referring to a HPC-specific ANSYS license, correct? Q2:Just to make sure I understand this correctly, basically the HPC cluster needs to have the same solver version and type(s) available that would be used on the end-user's workstation (if they weren't solving jobs on a HPC cluster), correct? nAfter reading back through some RSM documentation, it sounds like we won't need RSM or the Launcher Server installed on the HPC cluster since we only have access to it via SSH. With SSH-only access, it appears that a local RSM instance will just communicate with PBS on the remote cluster via SSH and use SSH to transfer files. Am I understanding that correctly?