Satyajeet Padhi
Ansys Employee
Hi Rudraishwaryanwhat version of Icepak are you using? Is it Icepak in Workbench environment or Icepak in Electronics Desktop environment?nI would recommend you to check the mesh quality and improve the mesh if needed. If there is dielectric in your HFSS simulation, then you would need to include that in the Icepak simulation as well. From your problem description, it seems you are trying to run a natural convection problem. If yes, specify a gravity direction and use laminar for flow turbulence resolution. Provide a small velocity (0.01*g) m/s in the direction opposite to gravity for flow initialization. Add a few temperature monitor points in the model and run the model until you get convergence (residuals go down below a specified threshold and monitor points flatten out). nSatyajeetn