nGreat name.nYou don't assign material in SpaceClaim. Save the file and close SpaceClaim.nOpen Workbench. In the Toolbox on the left is an Analysis System called Static Structural. Drag that out of the toolbox and drop it on the Project Schematic (large blank space).nYou will see a stack of cells. The first one is Engineering Data, double click on that to open it. Now you have a tab where you can define materials. Go back to the Project tab and right click on the Geometry cell. This is where you can attach your SpaceClaim file.nTo build a model with that geometry and the materials you defined, double click on Model. Now you can assign materials, mesh, and define loads and supports. After you solve, you can plot results for axial shortening, stress and strain.nThere are many videos in the Courses section of this site to learn how to build Structural models. nGood day.n