Hello summerdumas,nThe worse way is to install win 10 build not later 19041.450 without automatic updates (just to google win 10 distributive in WWW). Because after that build the update that causing error are in win10 distributive and you cannot uninstall it. nIf the first install was windows 10 build early 19041.450 then just uninstall KBs while ANSYS start work. Note: Not every KBs have uninstall button. It easy to solve. After uninstall KB refresh the Installed Updates window. Can be appears a previous KB update (Hiding KB updates).nFor uninstall such KB you need:ngo to C:\Windows\servicing\Packages.nFind KB file like as Package_for_KB4586864~31bf3856ad364e35~amd64~~19041.621.1.0.mum Where KB4586864 is number of interested KB and extension should be .mumnNote that: The file should be start from Package_for_KB... like that. There packages with numbers it not need.nOpen this file in NotepadnFind the words permanence=permanent and change the word permanent on removable.nsave and refresh installed updates window.nThen you can uninstall this KBnFor reference to google words uninstall uninstallable windows updates or Regards nAnton Lukyanovn