Hi, Tsiriaks. nIt solves my problem. Found that the another process was working and occupy 2325 port. nI working through VPN and firewall opened with port 1055 and 2325. nYou need firstly check the Flexnet debug log. Check there the ansyslmd listening port (2325) that you setupped in ANSYSLIC_ADMIN and lmgrd listening port (1055).nIf not, then unload License manager and all processes with ANSYS product in Windows Task Manager( CTRL + SHIFT + ESC).nAfter that restart License manager again. Must be work. nAdditionally check connection in Client machine by using CMD and command linenC:\Program Files\ANSYSEM\Shared Files\Licensing\winx64\lmutil lmstat -a -c 1055@ Note: Replace with actual server information (hostname, fqdn, or IP address). In my case the lmutil was in ... ASYSEM ... folder.nIt should show the list of licenses and then the connection to server is ok.nsee spent whole 1.5 days to solve this problem.nnThank you nAnton Lukyanov