Thank you, I saw the video and it was quite helpful into getting an insight that how is a singularity actually caused because of mathematics in the solver's background.nHowever, I want to ask one more thing here. Since you can see in the picture that I have shared already, there is a stress concentration near the fixed end, and it persists for a few elements before it. I am just applying a force in the X direction initially on the right end, and I know that there must exist a vertical Y direction force on the nodes in the left end. But for some length/elements before the fixed end, the stress concentration indicates that there is also a force there in the Y direction. At the same time, I have only applied an external force in the X direction. So what I want to ask is that this Y direction force will also influence the load path in that region of the structure, which we should experience just because of the external force applied in X direction? What I mean to say is that the overall load path in that region will be a combination of the X force and also the Y force experienced there, right? IN THE REALITY as well (assuming the boundary condition implemented exactly mimics the reality).n