You should always state the version of ANSYS you are using, which I found out is 19.2nYou have not modeled this in the right way. You only have one solid element through the thickness of the concrete, which is unacceptable for an accurate result.nYou should use a minimum of 12 elements through the thickness, which is an element size of 25 mm instead of 300 mm. After you get a result with 25 mm elements, remesh with 15 mm elements and get a result. Then remesh with 9 mm elements and get a result. See how the result changes with element size.nYou have used Nodal Force to load the wall with 40 kN on each corner node at the top and decreasing by 4 kN for each 300 mm reduction in height to zero at the bottom. I expect you want a uniform pressure distribution along the width, and a linear profile along the height. You didn't achieve that with equal Nodal Forces. Also, you don't want to be using Nodal Forces when remeshing with all those elements! Instead, apply a pressure load with a dependence on height. I just made up a pressure at the top of 0.9 Pa. You should figure out what you want at the top.nThere are better ways than bonded contact to connect the rebar to the concrete, but we will leave that for now.n