Kalyan Goparaju
Ansys Employee
Hello, nWithin the subdirectory that Fluent creates, in addition to the .encas files, there should be other folders with names starting with CNODE_*. Each of these folders should contain the .geo file and whatever the scalar and vector files that you have asked Fluent to write out. From the error, it sounds like EnSight wasn't able to find geometry information which is inside these subdirectories indicating that the directories are missing. This could be for one of two reasons nOnly the cas file was loaded into fluent at the time of writing or to put it differently, there was no variable data that could have been written out.nFailed write operation.nCan you check if the fluent session contains data? If it doesn't, that explains the cause of the error. If it does, can you try writing out the parallel format again and see if the subdirectories are created?nThanks, nKalyann