Where are you meshing? Are you using Ansys Meshing?Getting hex mesh in this geometry would require good amount of effort. You can use prism + tri mesh. You would see lot of posts on forum about this. Also you can see some videos on youtube. Regards,KeyurHow to access Ansys Online Help DocumentHow to show full resolution imageGuidelines on the Student CommunityHow to use Google to search within Ansys Student Communityhttps://forum.ansys.com/discussion/comment/101256#Comment_101256

Hello Keyur,nThank you so much for your response. Yes, I am using Ansys FLUENT for the meshing. And you are right, yes. I have spent nearly 15 hours on this to obtain Hexa mesh/mapped mesh and couldn't get it fully. Yesterday I was able to get some breakthrough by applying new splits as shown below. In the following pic you can notice that I am able to get Hexa on all the faces except for this little one circled red. I spent another 3 hours fixing this tiny face to get hexa but all attempts failed so far. nnA close up is shown below. It is the pressure area of flap. beneath trailing edge. What would you suggest me do? And yes, I would confess that I am not really good with the meshing, although I am struggling well. When I apply for inflation, there is a cross mark on the Inflation despite mesh update. Please guide me in that area too if you could.nn