UPDATE TO THE PROBLEMnHi,nI have installed academic version of 19.2. I am trying to license the program even though I am pretty sure it works perfectly. But, since it is still so slow even trim a body or drawing a rectangular by 3 points, I wanted to follow your instructions as well to be 100% sure of it.First of, please find cmd image. Secondly, as I have installed the license manager, I cannot launch the center upon exiting because there isn't such a thing. Please see the image of it. Thirdly, as Im trying to open the CLIENT ANSLIC_ADMIN, please see the file which is just a shortcut that makes it a dead end for me to launch it too.So I cannot follow your instructions in the very first place. Still, as I said I am pretty sure that the present program is licensed, because Im connecting to my university through VPN, and time to time once the connection lost ANSYS gives the warning: SAVE YOUR WORK, NO LICENSING. So, I really don't understand whats going on. nAlso, from the beginning of the installation of the ANSYS 19.2 to this minute my firewall is turned off. And there is no anti-virus program on my computer.nI am much appreciative of your time and consideration. Thank you so much.Truly,nSelvin