ArraynI cannot look at your archive, because I don't have an IcePak license installed. If you want me to look at an archive, you must delete all analysis systems except for one Static Structural analysis that shows the problem you describe above. Also, before you create an Archive, delete the Results and delete the Mesh. Your file was 1.4 GB which delayed my response as I waited for that to download before I found the problem above.nYou say Since there is gap of around 1.3 mm from the back of the glass to the standoffs. I would expect the glass to initially deform until it hits the standoffs. and you also say For all of the contacts I have ... and interface treatment to Adjust to Touch. Does that include the contact that has the 1.3 mm gap? Do you understand that using Adjust to Touch eliminates the 1.3 mm gap from the simulation? If you did not understand this, that would explain why you are not seeing the glass deform.n