nDrag and drop a Modal analysis on the Model cell.nOpen the model and drag and drop the two Fixed Supports from Static Structural onto Modal. Then Solve.nThe Modal will show you if anything is unconnected. In this example, one of the Line Bodies is floating away, unconnected at both ends.nThe problem is the elements in the top thick cable have no connection to the vertical thin cables. DM failed to create any Shared Topology. Neither are the thin cables connected at the bottom to the deck. This is the cause of your Pivot Errors in Static Structural. nThe geometry doesn't touch.nThere are 412 thin cables. In DM, you could delete the long thick cables and draw 412 short pieces of thick cable. This is the safe but tedious approach.nAnother approach is to use a very fine mesh on the thick cable and do a mesh merge and hope to get a node close enough to the node on the end of the thin cable to merge and thereby connect the thin cable to the thick cable. This is less work but has the danger of collapsing elements which will cause the solver to fail.nHere is a first attempt, it looks like the Mesh Connection group merged nodes between the thin cable and the deck, but not between the thin cable and the thick cable.nn