nI recommend you go back to SpaceClaim and add two planes through the center to slice the geometry down to 1/4 size. That will speed up the meshing and solving time. In Mechanical, you must add the appropriate symmetry Displacement boundary conditions: X = 0 on the faces normal to X and Y = 0 on the faces normal to Y.nIn SpaceClaim, you can also create a New Component, Glass1 that has all the Glass1 pieces in it. Go to the Workbench tab and use the Share button. Repeat for Glass2. Now you don't need any bonded contacts.nRather than Frictionless contact between a body and 96 faces on the glass, make a Named Selection for the 96 faces on the ends of the pins, and a named selection for the 96 faces on the glass, then you can make the Frictionless contact more efficient because it will only mesh the tips of the pins and not the whole rigid body.nAny model that has a Frictionless, Frictional or Rough Contact should add a Contact Tool under the Connections folder and Generate Initial Contact Results to make sure the contact is Near Open.nUnder Analysis Settings, you must turn on Large Deflection.n