Ansys Employee
Hello Larissa,n The flow modeling on the application you described seems being very complicated and it could require the CFD tool to have the full capability for simulating the polymer flow as multiphase flow including phase change capability feature, like liquid evaporation and wall boiling models such as for modeling the co-flow of polymer liquid and its evaporated vapor bubbles . However, while Polyflow can model the co-flow of two different continuum stratified fluids separated with a continuous interface, it does not have two phase flow modeling feature to deal with the flow of liquid's carrying its dispersed bubbles with it, and there is no phase change modeling feature to deal with evaporation and wall boiling flow phenomenon. For modeling it as the two phase flow or capture its phase change, you may need to consider other CFD tool like Fluent. However, Fluent tool may not be able to simulate flow of fluid with high viscosity like many polymer fluids in a numerically stable way, which is actually one of the strong reason why Polyflow plays important role here.n At this point, I am not aware of which numerical tool can be applied for directly solving such flow with all such such complexity.n Hope this helps to clarify better on what Polyflow can or can not do related with your application.n Thanksn Yinn n