Hi Win, nLatest Update to my problem:nI have uninstalled the program and all related files of it(19.2).I have re-installed it(19.2) and still having the same problem on its speed. Firewall is turned off completely(you may see the image). I have no licensing issues. Please see the ping image.I really need help to understand why it is too slow to construct n**a rectangular by 3 points(2 min) or n**trimming a mid-line(1 min) or even n**drawing construction points at intersections(2 min). nI have also followed and completed each and every step you have instructed for the second test which is licensing the pc through license manag. center and through client anslic admin. All done. Still too slow to work. nThank you so much for your help.nHappy new year ! nTruly,nn