@BenjaminStarling nI wish you a happy new year.nThank you very much for your help. I applied your changes, but it's not working as intended.n Y_Local=V_q*i*time_incn wpcs,-1,0               ! WP @ GLOBAL ORIGINn wpof,,Y_Local           ! OFFSET WP ALONG ITS Y AXIS (i.e. provide current position of center of circle along Y axis)n cswp,11,1               ! DEFINE Cylindrical COORDINATE SYSTEM @ WP ORIGINn cmsel,s,surface1n sfdele,all,HFLUX        ! Delete old hflux, if anyn nsle                    ! Select nodes attached to selected solid elementsn nsel,r,loc,x,Radius     ! Select nodes within radius of circle n csys,0                  ! Set CSYS back to global                         n sf,all,HFLUX,Q          ! Apply hflux based on your calculation at the said time n allsel,all  n outres,all,allnI looked at the solver output and saw this:nSeems like the nodes are picked and the surface load generated, but the hflux is not stored properly.nnBest regardsnSam Donellnn