The hourglass energy is accumulated just everywhere ... When I ran the case with viscous damping, the regions near the screws and the screws themselves underwent hourglassing. I cannot identify a specific part based on the list because these codes C-10, C-11 etc. do not figure in the Workbench part list.nnI managed to eliminate the Energy Error. Instead of accelerating the mechanism from 0, I imposed an Initial Condition (values extracted from a separate Rigid Dynamics analysis). Anyway, the hourglass energy still greatly exceeds the internal energy... I will try to refine the grid to an absurd sizing, say 0.3mm (connecting rod length 300mm) and run the case on my university cluster.nnnHowever, another problem has appeared. I saw that the bonded contact was not enforced/detected properlynso I changed the Maximum Offset from 1e-4mm to 0.2mm.Now the bonded contact is perfectly fine, however the general motion of the connecting rod is oscillatory. What could be the source of this problem? Should I use some damping?nn