Hi Array ,nSo when my professor mentioned that i should be comparing the simulation before it has reached the yield point, does it mean i can use multilinear too? if that's the case, how do i know which is the yield point if there's more than 1 plastic line? Or is that the reason why i have to use bilinear?nThe geometry is the brace shell from https://forum.ansys.com/discussion/22814/stress-strain-curve-not-bilinear#latest , using linear mesh. My current input still remains as orthotropic due to my professor's decision. However, i recently came across this article that showed PA2200 is a quasi-isotropic material according to http:/utw10945.utweb.utexas.edu/sites/default/files/2015/2015-69-Faes.pdf , thus i may have to change the material properties? I was also wondering if ACP/Pre/Post works on quasi-isotropic PA2200 since it's not a composite material?.I currently have 2 supports at the spine of the brace: 1 fixed support on top and 1 displacement support where x and y are fixed but z is free, at the bottom (to prevent over constraints). nMy actual experiment looks like this: n