ArraynWhen your professor said compare the simulation before it has reached the yield point, it means you don't want any plasticity in the material model. Delete them from the material model.nUnder Analysis Settings, you must turn on Large Deflection.nChange the ANSYS supports to be more like the experiment. Delete the Fixed Support on top and the displacement support at the bottom.nCreate one Remote Displacement on the Fixed edge of the brace using the two points where the fixed hook is touching. Set X, Y, Z, and Rotation X and Rotation Y all to zero, leaving Rotation Z Free.nCreate another Remote Displacement on the Load edge of the brace using the two points where the load hook is touching. Set X = 200 mm, Y = 0, leaving all others free. This will stretch the brace exactly like it is being stretched by the apparatus.nUse a Probe on the Reaction Force of the Remote Displacement. What are the units of Force in the experimental data? nMake the End Time 200 s then each second equals 1 mm.nHow much does the brace weigh? Gravity is pulling down on the brace as it hangs from the hooks. When you put the first 500 g of tension on the cable, what is the angle of the cable relative to the tangent point on the pulley and the fixed point on the cable opposite it? As you put the second 500 g of tension on the cable, what is the new angle of the cable? This is a systematic error between the model and the experiment since the loads described above do not include these angles.nIn the experiment, how is the displacement measured? Is it the movement of the cable with the weight on it or is it a direct measurement of the distance between the edges of the brace? If you are measuring the movement of the end of the cable that has the weight on it, that is another systematic error between the experiment and the model since you are stretching not only the brace but also the cable. What is the stiffness of the cable?nWhy does the experimental data not start at (0,0)? You should zero out the displacement readout on the experiment before you overlay it on the simulation data but subtracting the initial value from all displacement readings.n